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A message from Coach Rubio:

Hello my name is Miguel Rubio, and I am a Las Vegas native. My whole life has always revolved around football for as long as I can remember. As a youth player, my passion for the game allowed me to play with some of the best local teams and clubs in Las Vegas where I was able to learn many things about the game by playing under some of the best coaches in town. After youth soccer I Was fortunate enough to move on and play college soccer at one of the greatest junior college programs in the nation, Yavapai college, and one of the best upcoming junior college programs, CSN. Since then, I have been coaching and trying to expand my knowledge and experience for the game because it is what I love to do. Why me? Because my passion for the game is as great as yours, and I will be just as invested in making you a better player as you are in becoming a better player.

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